It’s widely assumed that all of the top analysts on Wall Street received their training from the most selective colleges. TipRanks is known as the place to go for ratings of the performance of those analysts, and below is a look at where those in their current Top 25 who did their undergraduate studies in the US got their degrees. [Note: 5 studied overseas and I was unable to locate the information for one, so only 19 are on this list.]. Of those in this elite group, 14 of 19 (74%) received their undergraduate degrees at non-MC25 schools, so it looks like there’s no monopoly on places to learn the basics about finance and investing. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number who attended if greater than one. (Note: Click on the word “lists” in the menu for important notes about this section.)

TipRanks Top 25 Analysts Colleges Attended

UC Berkeley (2)


U Maine

Linfield College

US Military Academy

U Michigan

Creighton U


Syracuse (2)

U Illinois

U Louisville


Virginia Tech

U Minnesota



Amherst College

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(last updated 4/26/2021)