This list includes journalists who finished their undergraduate studies in the 21st century and who are either on the Washington Post’s staff or who write regular columns for them. As mentioned in the Presentation, for those who graduated 1980-1999, the percentage of Post journalists from a non-MC25 school is 56%; for those who graduated 2000-2019, that number is 66%, meaning almost two thirds of journalists at one of the most coveted spots for the profession attended colleges not on the MC25 list. Their are plenty of jobs available for those who develop their writing abilities at less selective colleges.

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Washington Post Journalists


Northwestern U (8)

George Washington (2)

Harvard (2)


Arizona State


Boston U

Columbia College (Chicago)

U Florida

U Southern California

Grinnell College

U Maryland College Park (4)

Columbia (3)

Indiana U (2)


U Georgia

Concordia U

Miami U of Ohio

UC Los Angeles


George Mason U

Emmanuel College

American U (2)

U North Carolina Chapel Hill (2)

U Missouri (2)

New York U

Howard U

Drake U

U Nebraska

Brown U

CUNY Baruch

Oakland U


Yale (5)

Indiana U (2)

Calvin College

U Chicago


U Southern California

Eugene Lang College

Dickinson College

U Miami

Michigan State

Hamilton College

University of Maryland College Park (2)

Wesleyan (2)

Ohio U


Miami U


George Washington U

New York U

U Pennsylvania

U of the Pacific

U Vermont

Georgetown (2)

U South Carolina (2)

Western Washington U


Emory U

Carleton College



William and Mary

UC Berkeley


U Maryland College Park (3)

Louisiana State (2)

Stanford (2)

Texas Christian U (2)

Northwestern (2)

U Virginia

American U


Ohio U

U Florida

U Central Florida

U North Carolina Chapel Hill (3)

Vanderbilt (2)

U Michigan (2)

George Washington U (2)

Brown (2)

Barnard College


Haverford College

Florida State

U Puget Sound

Hofstra U

U Texas Austin

U Missouri (2)

Valparaiso (2)

U Iowa (2)

Washington U in St. Louis (2)

UC Los Angeles (2)


U Connecticut

Ithaca College

Johns Hopkins

Hamilton College

Boston U


Yale (3)

U Missouri (2)

San Diego State

Amherst College

American U

UC Berkeley

CSU Fullerton

Harvard (3)

Cornell (2)

U Texas Austin

U Delaware


U New Mexico

New York U

UC Santa Cruz

U Miami (2)


Tufts U

U Michigan

Western Kentucky U

U North Carolina Chapel Hill

Williams College

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(Last updated 4/5/2021))