US News consistently ranks the Mayo Clinic’s neurology department (link to Mayo Clinic) among the strongest in the nation. Below is a list of where their neurologists and neurosurgeons who finished their undergraduate degrees in the year 2000 or after did their studies; it ends with the year 2011 because it takes a long time to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to understand brains! Numbers in parentheses are the years in which they finished their degrees. Only 26% attended an MC25 school. If you want to be a brain surgeon–or ‘just’ a brain specialist–you’ll have plenty of opportunities open to you regardless of whether you attend one of the country’s most selective colleges. (Note: Click on the word ‘Lists’ in the menu for important notes for this section.)

Mayo Clinic Neurologists

Bemidji State (00)

U Wisconsin (00)

Columbia Union College (01)

U Virginia (01)

U Pennsylvania (01)

Harvard (02)

Fordham U (02)

U Kansas (02)

Duke (03)

Georgetown (03)

Grove City College (03)

Sewanee, the University of the South (04)

Augustana College (04)

U Tulsa (04)

U Illinois (04)

Oregon State U (05)

U Texas-Austin (05)

Case Western Reserve U (06)

Emporia State U (06)

U Minnesota (07)

Cornell (07)

Drew University (07)

Wabash College (08)

Texas Tech (08)

Nebraska Wesleyan U (09)

Rice U (10)

U Kentucky (10)

UC San Diego (00)

Westmont College (01)

UC Los Angeles (01)

Harvard (01)

Dartmouth (02)

Pacific Union College (02)

Villanova U (02)

U Utah (03)

Princeton (03)

Yale (03)

Rockhurst U (03)

Dartmouth (04)

Vanderbilt (04)

U Rochester (04)

U Missouri-Kansas City (04)

U Puerto Rico (05)

UCLA (05)

UC Los Angeles (06)

U Florida (06)

Northeastern Illinois U (07)

U Miami (07)

St. Louis U (08)

George Washington U (08)

Missouri State U (09)

Xavier U (09)

Trinity College (10)

U Notre Dame (11)


(Last updated 4/6/2021)