US News consistently ranks the Mayo Clinic’s neurology department (link to Mayo Clinic) among the strongest in the nation. Below is a list of where their neurologists and neurosurgeons who finished their undergraduate degrees in the year 2000 or after did their studies. Numbers in parentheses are the years in which they finished their degrees; it ends with the year 2011 because it takes a long time to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to understand brains! Only 26% attended an MC25 school. If you want to be a brain surgeon–or ‘just’ a brain specialist–you’ll have plenty of opportunities open to you regardless of whether you attend one of the country’s most selective colleges. (Note: Click on the word ‘Lists’ in the menu for important notes for this section.)

Mayo Clinic Neurologists

Bemidji State (00)

U Wisconsin (00)

Columbia Union College (01)

U Virginia (01)

U Pennsylvania (01)

Harvard (02)

Fordham U (02)

U Kansas (02)

Duke (03)

Georgetown (03)

Grove City College (03)

Sewanee, the University of the South (04)

Augustana College (04)

U Tulsa (04)

U Illinois (04)

Oregon State U (05)

U Texas-Austin (05)

Case Western Reserve U (06)

Emporia State U (06)

U Minnesota (07)

Cornell (07)

Drew University (07)

Wabash College (08)

Texas Tech (08)

Nebraska Wesleyan U (09)

Rice U (10)

U Kentucky (10)

UC San Diego (00)

Westmont College (01)

UC Los Angeles (01)

Harvard (01)

Dartmouth (02)

Pacific Union College (02)

Villanova U (02)

U Utah (03)

Princeton (03)

Yale (03)

Rockhurst U (03)

Dartmouth (04)

Vanderbilt (04)

U Rochester (04)

U Missouri-Kansas City (04)

U Puerto Rico (05)

UC Los Angeles (05)

UC Los Angeles (06)

U Florida (06)

Northeastern Illinois U (07)

U Miami (07)

St. Louis U (08)

George Washington U (08)

Missouri State U (09)

Xavier U (09)

Trinity College (10)

U Notre Dame (11)


(Last updated 4/6/2021)