With almost 8 billion people on the planet, many natural resources supplies are disappearing quickly. One individual’s commitment to using less doesn’t have much impact by itself, but if even one billion of our eight billion people make the same small change together, it can have a huge impact.

Consider this: There are probably still a billion people who use pens or pencils to make notes to themselves daily. Let’s overestimate and guess that you can get 100,000 letters of the alphabet written per pen. This would mean if those billion people wrote one less letter per day, then 10,000 fewer pens and pencils would be used per day and 3.6 million fewer would be used per year. Not too bad for using one abbreviation or taking the ‘s’ off of plurals on your grocery list.

Think about all the other ways in which working together we can make an enormous difference in the future of our planet.