As mentioned elsewhere, this program is available for anyone to use, either in part or in its entirety (see the About page for conditions). Thus, if you have someone else you’d like to make the presentation at your school–with whatever alterations you deem appropriate for your location–please feel free to do so.

That said, I do enjoy public speaking and would love to have the opportunity to share my work with schools, businesses and organizations that are located in the following areas: Washington, DC; Montgomery County and Prince Georges County, MD; and Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax County, VA. Due to a preference for limiting my environmental impact, I’d rather not travel farther than that. References are available if needed.

From now until June 30, 2023, visits to your school or business will be free of charge.

I am available most weekdays and am happy to speak with whatever group you believe will benefit most. I can tailor the presentation to fit whatever time constraints you have.

If you’re interested, please contact me using the box below, or via email if I’ve already contacted you. Your information will not be made public (I have to approve comments before they become visible on the website–I will take down your details in order to respond, but will not approve them for publication).


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