But what if they want to be a brain surgeon? Or maybe just a brain specialist? US News ranks the Mayo Clinic’s neurology department (link to Mayo Clinic) number one in the nation. In order to show that more recent college graduates of less selective colleges are also being hired for the most desirable jobs, the list below only includes those Mayo Clinic neurologists who finished their undergraduate degrees in the year 2000 or after. Years they graduated are in parentheses.

Mayo Clinic Neurologists

Bemidji State U (00)

U Wisconsin (00)

Louisiana State U (01)

Columbia Union College (01)

U Virginia (01)

U Pennsylvania (01)

Harvard (02)

Fordham U (02)

U Kansas (02)

Duke (03)

Georgetown (03)

Grove City College (03)

College of the South (04)

Augustana College (04)

U Tulsa (04)

Oregon State U (05)

U Texas (05)

Case Western Reserve U (06)

U Minnesota (07)

Cornell (07)

Wabash College (08)

Nebraska Wesleyan U (09)

UC San Diego (00)

Westmont College (01)

Wheaton College (01)

UC Los Angeles (01)

Harvard (01)

Dartmouth (02)

Pacific Union College (02)

Villanova U (02)

U Utah (03)

Princeton U (03)

Yale (03)

Dartmouth (04)

Vanderbilt (04)

U Rochester (04)

U Puerto Rico (05)

UC Los Angeles (05)

U Florida (06)

Northeastern Louisiana U (07)

U Miami (07)

St. Louis U (08)

George Washington U (08)

Missouri State U (09)

U Kentucky (10)

Source: mayoclinic.org

As you can see, the schools represented are similar in their diversity to those at NASA and for company CEOs. And regardless of where they went for either of their degrees, they all ended up as neurologists at the top-ranked program in the country.