The craziness surrounding college admissions has led to millions of people having significantly higher levels of stress in their lives. Presumably most of you are here because you’re intimately familiar with this.

When so many people suffer the same problem, it’s easy to just assume it’s a part of life that one has to accept. Often, though, if we take the time to look at the details of a problem, it becomes evident that it doesn’t have to be accepted, that there’s a solution if we we’re willing to do a little work. Who has time to do this, though, with how busy our lives are with other things? Who has time to be a philosopher and think through what’s really going on when so many share the same source of stress?

Retired guys with kind, patient wives. Like me!

The first part of my presentation is aimed at showing you that, because of the high levels of chronic stress it creates, the college admissions frenzy is harmful. It’s harmful to everyone involved, including adults, but we’ll focus on its negative effects on teenagers.

The second part of the presentation will focus on showing you that not only is the college admissions frenzy harmful, it’s also unnecessary. The differences between the most selective colleges and their “safety schools” are significantly smaller than most people think, both in terms of the experience while at college and in terms of the careers and salaries that experience leads to after graduation. This is true also for the ‘safety schools’ and their ‘safety schools’, all the way down the line to those colleges that have open admissions.

The final part of the presentation will focus on an alternative approach that will, perhaps ironically, lead to most students ending up with the same options they would have had if they’d bought into all the crazy hype.

Let’s get started!